Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

How We Teach

Unlike other schools in Guatemala, all of our training material is 100% unique and optimized for your learning. And our students can tell the difference!

Every segment of your training is designed to help you reach your ultimate goal: to speak Spanish.

Here’s a brief overview of how we’ll get you there:

Let’s Learn Grammar

Our grammar lessons aren’t based on boring and useless structures, but rather on dynamic forms that accelerate your knowledge of Spanish and guarantee that you’ll be speaking it soon! Everyday your instructor will use a variety of grammar structures in real conversations that fits the context of your daily life.

Let’s Do Excercises

This part of our instruction assures that your are receiving the practical training you deserve. Your teacher will go through a variety of exercises through basic conversation – hearing you speak Spanish and progress over your time at our academy.

After each lesson your instructor will assign a homework task to help you improve your speaking abilities. You also may receive a workbook depending on your level of training.

Let’s Read

You will have the opportunity to read aloud to improve your pronunciation and acquire new vocabulary. Beyond that, you’ll have the opportunity to hear your teacher read aloud so you can listen, comprehend, and then explain what you have understood. We have a rich database of articles written specifically for Spanish students so you can learn about history, social, economical and political topics as well education and poetry and literature. And remember, all of our material is unique to Latinoamerica Spanish Academy.

Let’s Talk

From the very first day you’ll have the chance to practice Spanish in conversation. At the beginning this is basic, but as you progress it will become more complex. This area of our instruction provides you with the opportunity to learn about our beliefs, our traditions and customs and way of thinking.

Optional Training:


For students interested in writing, this area provides the opportunity to learn how to spell correctly. As the areas above this is according the student’s progress.


Latinoamerica Spanish Academy provides the opportunity to enjoy our rich culture through a series of activities that allow the students the total immersion of our culture and traditions

Activities are not isolated but are linked by conversational round tables, films in Spanish and subtitles in English and tours to visit farms, factories, indigenous villages and museums.