Beginner: Spanish 101

The student learns enough Spanish to communicate oneself.

Estimated length: 60 to 80 hours
Recommended for: Travellers, Short-term Volunteers*
Tenses to learn: Present, Past and future I 

Students will learn pronunciation, common greetings, to be (Ser vrs. Estar), to have(Tener,) to like (Gustar), there is/are, common question structures and negative structures. 

Material Included: Workbook 101
Method: See “How we teach”
Goal: Spanish 2 (International scale:  0 to 5)

After Spanish 101, our students are capable of expressing feelings. interacting with local people, reading short stories, and writing letters, messages, and post cards

*For volunteers we suggest:  building houses, pre-schools, nurseries, farms  

How to register

If you'd like to register for this class, please contact us by phone at (502) 4141-0114 (click here for instructions on calling Guatemala from abroad), or by email at